Homework tasks set Friday 7th December to be completed by Wednesday 12th December

Maths: Please complete the task 'Picture Graphs'
We have started our work on these graphs this week, and are familiar with pictures being used as the amount for each person/group. We have also realised that the 'key' is very important before answering questions. There may be a few questions that show half pictures but the key will always explain these. For an extra challenge when completing, we could also describe the information in each using 'more than', 'less than', 'greatest/most' or 'least/fewest'.

Reading: Please return to Reading Eggs/Eggspress this week and complete a full lesson on our maps.

Spelling: Next week will be our last spelling test of the term, so we're going to make it a Christmas themed test. The words we're going to be tested on are: child, cold, father, busy, Christmas, parents, money, king, baby, family.


Homework tasks set Friday 30th November to be completed by Wednesday 5th December

Maths: The tasks set for this week are 'Dividing Tens' and 'Odd Or Even'.
'Dividing Tens' is the same task as both of last weeks, but this time using the circles and bags or ten times tables to help us to answer the problems. Again, we could write number sentences for these problems too for a challenge.
To complete 'Odd Or Even', we need to count the counters first, then choose whether each number is odd or even. The hint can support anyone who needs it - click on the counters as you count the counters along. I am confident this task will be completed well, so if anyone finds it too easy they could complete 'Odd and Even Numbers 1' for something a little more tricky.

Literacy: Just for this week, I'd like to swap our Reading Eggs homework for a Literacy task. We will be bringing home a plan with some facts on that we're going to put in our report next week. The task is to talk about these facts with someone at home, thinking about how to make them into full sentences and for some, how to extend them with conjunctions (but, because, which, however, and, etc). Nothing needs to be brought back to school, the conversations will really help when we start to write on Monday.

Spelling: This week's spelling list has been added to one of the lists from last week to make 20 total words. Enjoy the games or Live Spellodrome to practice them before next Friday's test.

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