Homework tasks set Friday 12th January - to be completed by Wednesday 17th January

Mathletics:  Please complete Halves and Quarters and Model Fractions on Mathletics. Both are short activities which shouldn't take too long - the children should be confident with halves and quarters. Model fractions will expose them to some fractions they haven't seen before, but we can still follow these prompts used in class as a guide to writing/identifying fractions:

  • Are all of the pieces equal? (They are for each question but important to remember about fractions)
  • How many pieces are shaded? (numerator)
  • How many pieces are there altogether? (denominator)

Reading Eggs: Complete a full lesson on your Reading Eggs/Eggspress map journey. (all being well with our log in details)

Spelling: The 5 common exception words to practice at home this week are children, beautiful, clothes, Mr, Mrs. We've almost covered all of the words for Year 2 now, so we will be revisiting words from previous weeks. I've attached a list of these words below in case anyone can't find it.

Here's a list of things you can choose to do to practice your spellings:

  • Ask an adult at home to test you on them
  • Practice writing them out on the Read Write Cover Check sheet found below
  • Choose one of the Spelling activities from the Spelling Games file
  • Visit http://www.spellingtraining.com/ and create a list so you can play your own spelling games


Homework tasks set Friday 8th December - to be completed by Wednesday 13th December

Mathletics:  Please complete Picture Graphs on Mathletics. We have only just started looking at picture graphs, and Friday's lesson was about getting to know what they look like, what the pictures mean, and reading the data. Some questions require counting the pictures shown, some need to be counted for more than one person, and some need to be compared so you'll have to know how many each person has.

A tip for each question: make sure you read the 'key' carefully - how many each picture stands for in the picture graph. You may need some explaining from an adult if each picture is worth more than 1, and particularly if any keys have 'half' pictures.

Reading Eggs: Complete a full lesson on your Reading Eggs/Eggspress map journey.

Spelling: There won't be a spelling test next Friday, so there isn't any spelling homework to complete. We're going to continue spelling tests on the same collection of words after Christmas so we should get much more familiar and confident with our Year 2 common exception words.

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