Equality Objectives

Weston Primary School

Equality Objectives

In line with the Equalities Act, 2010 and the school’s Equality Policy and Public Sector Equality Duty commitment statement, the following objectives demonstrate the school’s focus on providing equal and inclusive educational and non-educational services in a non-discriminatory manner for all members of our school community.

These objectives have been arrived at following discussions with members of the school community, an analysis of pupil progress and a review of the school’s developing population over recent years.

We are committed to meeting our Public Sector Equality Duty to:

(a) Eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under this Act.

(b) Advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

(c) Foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

We shall achieve this through

  • Implementing required policies and procedures
  • Ensuring appropriate training for our staff
  • School assemblies and special events
  • Our curriculum and interaction with all members of our school community
  • Our communications, website and publications
  • Our ethos and values
  • Appropriate oversight by school leaders and Governors
  • Our identified school objectives

Progress against these objectives will be formally reviewed annually over the next four years. The timescale and procedures for monitoring the objectives may be amended in the light of new guidance or changes to relevant legislation.




How the impact of the action will be monitored

Who is responsible

Establish effective systems to

communicate the school’s equality duties.

Disseminate the School Equality Plan through the school website, newsletter, staff meetings.

Include questions relating to the School Equality Plan in the

annual survey of parents. Discussion with pupils during

School Council and Pupil Voice

Head teacher/Senior

Leadership Team/Governing


To ensure that all pupils make progress including vulnerable

groups and individuals.

Monitor and analyse pupils’ achievement by race, gender and disability (and other

relevant vulnerable groups) and act on any trends or patterns in the data that require additional

interventions and support.

Analyse assessment data to judge the success of the

Planned interventions and









That there are sufficient

opportunities with the school’s

curriculum to address equality



Ensure that the curriculum

promotes role models whom pupils may identify positively with and that these reflect

the school’s diversity in terms of race, gender and disability.

Increase in pupils’ participation,

confidence and achievement

Subject Leaders

Respond promptly and appropriately to all incidents of racist behaviour


Ensure that the procedures for

dealing with such incidents are

established and widely understood and that staff and

pupils are clear about their responsibilities. Report incidents to the Governing Body

and Local Authority

Use the data to access the impact of the school’s response to incidents i.e. have whole

school / year group approaches led to a decrease in incidents, can repeat perpetrators be

identified, are pupils and parents satisfied with the response?



Governing Body.

To help our children

to understand others

and value diversity.


Ensure that opportunity to

discuss diversity within the

curriculum.  Ensure that the values underpinning the school’s ethos are actively promoted

by all staff.

Monitor through

pupil discussions an

school council as well

as through subject

leaders and through

the curriculum.

All staff.


At the present time, all children with disabilities and special needs join in everyday activities with other pupils as part of our commitment to inclusion.  Currently the school has the following facilities:

• Ramps

• Accessible toilet

• Curriculum and equipment aids

For additional information see Accessibility Plan.



September 2019

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