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Welcome to the School Council 

The School Council is an amazing opportunity for pupils at Weston to share their views and to help make Weston Primary School even greater!

School Council members will know what is important to the people in their class and will come to School Council meetings to share these ideas.

The School Council makes a real difference! This year the School Council attended the local Remembrance Service at the cenotaph to show their support. Councillors created inspiring initiatives for the school including activities based on saving resources and developing our team spirit!


Members of our new School Council were appointed in September. Councillors are very excited about their role and look forward to working in partnership with us to further improve our school.

Year 1 - Milly & Lucas
Year 2 - Jamie & Alfie
Year 3 - Noah & Lydia
Year 4 - Pippa & Alex
Year 5 - Eve & Thomas
Year 6 - Andrew & Jessica

Contact Us

Telephone: 01928 574544


Headteacher: Ros Atkins

Weston Primary School,

Lambsickle Lane, Runcorn,

Cheshire WA7 4RA

SENCO: Laura Simpson