To be completed by Wednesday 27th September:

Mathletics: We've continued this week to focus on place value in 3 digit numbers. For homework, complete the 2 place value tasks set on Mathletics.


Reading Eggspress: Complete a full lesson on Reading Eggspress.


Spellings: our spelling focus this week is adding the suffix -er and -est to words ending in -e.

Remember: Drop the -e before adding -er or -est

Root Word Root Word + -er Root Word + -est
fine finer finest
brave braver bravest
close closer closest
wise wiser wisest
nice nicer nicest
white whiter whitest
tame tamer tamest
wide wider widest
large larger largest

For homework, revise the -er and -est words. Here's a list of things you can choose to do:

  • Ask an adult at home to test you on them
  • Practice writing them out on the Read, Cover, Write, Check sheet found below
  • Choose one of the Spelling activities from the Spelling Bank
  • Visithttp://www.spellingtraining.com/ and create a list so you can play your own spelling games. 

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