Things you can do to help

One thing to remember is that pre-schoolers don’t need to do lots of what you might think of as schoolwork at home before they start. My Early Years team will always say that getting dressed and undressed and using the toilet independently are key skills which can be encouraged at home.

The simple things can be really helpful, too:

  • getting familiar with numbers, letters and sounds,
  • singing nursery rhymes
  • doing things with your children like baking
  • getting out in the garden if you have one
  • Sharing stories
  • simply chatting with them.

Building your child's independence is the best thing you can do at home before they start school. Of course, children will be in all sorts of stages of their development during the first months of Reception, so it's important not to worry too much about how your child will compare, but remember to encourage healthy routines well before they start.

Frequently talking and listening to your child improves their social and emotional abilities, setting them up perfectly for participating and learning in the classroom, as well as making friends. They will also be more likely to approach you with any thoughts or feelings they have as a result of going to school, which is a great way to manage their mental health and something you will be thankful for in years to come.

Not only that, your child will pick up words and phrases used in conversation for their own vocabulary, improving their chances of a head start in literacy when it comes to the classroom. 

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